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What is the ISM?


Welcome to the first episode of ISM Frontiers!

For our first episode, Father Greg, Deacon Josh and Bishop Lainie talked about the Independent Sacramental Movement and what it is.

As one might expect, the conversation covered a multitude of topics, ranging from the origins of the ISM and historical precedent for “independent” religious expressions to whether using the word “catholic” hurts or harms ISM churches and ministries.

Special Note: This is our first episode. We are still working out content, production and editing kinks as we go along and appreciate your patience. Starting with the next episode, we’ll be recording in shorter segments so as to make it easier to listen to episodes in one sitting.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Opinions expressed on ISM Frontiers are not necessarily those of the cast, production staff, The Open Rite or the Oriental Apostolic Church of Damcar.


Suggested Reading and Resources

The Many Paths of the Independent Sacramental Movement by John Plummer
The American Religion: The Emergence of The Post-Christian Nation by Harold Bloom
Priests, Gnostics and Magicians: European Roots of Esoteric Independent Catholicism by Siobhán Houston
Religious Outsiders and the Making of Americans by R. Laurence Moore


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